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Sealing Ducts

Leaky ducts can be a big problem for the airflow and air quality in your home. Research from the University of California suggests that 15% to 30% of air passing through a leaky duct system escapes. This significantly lessens the ability of cool air to efficiently cool all the rooms in your home.


It can also worsen air quality due to less circulation. This means that your air conditioner may be working overtime to cool your home, causing major excess energy waste and thinning out your wallet in the process. You may notice this when your air conditioner is running harder and longer, or when you receive a higher energy bill from your cooling costs.


Citrus Air Conditioners has served Central Florida for over 30 years and has thousands of satisfied customers, many of them happy with our duct sealing service! Our business is homegrown and locally-owned — all of our technicians are Polk County natives. This makes it all the easier to identify with our residential customers.

Get In Touch With Us

If you suspect leaky ducts, call Citrus Air. We thoroughly and effectively inspect every inch of your duct system to find out where the leakage is occurring. Our talented techs then seal over the holes and give you a properly-working system you can depend on.

Call Citrus Air Conditioners for your residential duct sealing needs. We will stop the leaks and make your cooling system efficient again. Contact Citrus Air today with your questions and feedback at 863-648-0637.

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