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Quality Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

Expert HVAC Installations

How can you improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills over the long run? The answer is simple: replace your old heating and cooling equipment with new, energy-efficient models from Citrus Air! Installing brand new or replacement heating and cooling equipment is great start for home or business owners, and it just happens to be our specialty!


Citrus Air Conditioning only installs systems that meet the quality HVAC specifications defined by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the standard most used by the industry. This means that we install HVACs that are a good match for your business, not too big or too small.


It also means that we install systems the right way, thoroughly and with care, to ensure you get the most extensive use out of it possible. According to, an improper air conditioner installation could hurt its efficiency by up to 30% and potentially decrease its overall operating lifespan.

"Citrus Air helped us with great service. Citrus Air helped us replace our old compressor. They came out and were very professional. They had the parts on the truck so they were able to fix it the same day and now our house is as cold as ever. Thank you!"

- Marilyn Dobbs


If you want to know more about the Quality HVAC installation process, find out which system might be right for you, or have comments on a recent installation we did for you, contact Citrus Air today! We'll always make time for you, and always appreciate your feedback! Replace your old cooling and heating system and save money. Contact us today to schedule your quality HVAC installation. Call 863-648-0637!

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