What Happens During an AC Tune-Up?

An Air Conditioner tune-up is an important part of making sure you get long lasting and efficient performance from your air conditioner.

We at Citrus Air Conditioners feel it is important for our customers to understand what we are doing when we visit your house for a tune-up. Our technicians have a long checklist when it comes to to servicing your AC system. This is to ensure the health of your unit and make sure it is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. 



So join us as we go over a handful of the things our technicians are looking for when servicing your unit!

Full Check of The Evaporator and Condenser Coils:

The condenser coil is responsible for the heat transfer processes, which transfers heat from your house to the outdoors using refrigerant liquid.

When your condenser coils are covered in dirt and debris, heat gets trapped inside and cant be released; leading to inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption! In addition to this, dirty condenser coils impact the overall performance of your AC which causes other parts of your unit to break down quicker.

A comprehensive cleaning of condenser coils increases overall efficiency of your AC and reduces wear and tear!


Lubrication of Fan and Compressor Motors:

The fan motors drive the AC fan, which blows air in and out of the house, and the compressor increases the pressure of refrigerant.

The motors in your HVAC system contains parts that move rapidly, which means that in order for these pieces to operate as smoothly as possible, they need to properly lubricated.


Tightening of Electrical Connections:

When electrical components get loose they can cause electrical arcs, which could lead to someone getting shocked, or worse, start a house fire.

Having tight and secure electrical connections is VITAL in order to maintain the safety of your AC unit and your home!


Check and Service Blower Motor:

The blower motor is what blows conditioned air throughout the vents of your home, which circulates the cool air to reach desired the desired temperature.

If you have a bad (or poorly maintained) blower motor, you could experience: weak air flow, dirt and dust buildup, and a higher than usual electric bill!


Clean and/or Replace Supplied Air Filters:

A clean air filter helps clean the air inside your house by collecting dust, spores, and other particles that get pushed through the AC system. Another great benefit is that clean air filters can help improve overall health and seasonal allergy relief.

Clean air filters help your HVAC system run more efficiently, and more effectively heat and/or cool your home.


Clean Air Handler Drain Pan:

The condensate drain pan is a very simple yet important part of your HVAC system. It catches condensate that forms when warm air passes over cold evaporator coils.

Without it, or if it becomes damaged, you could end up with water around the area of your unit. This is bad if the air handler is in the attic, which can allow the water to damage your ceilings, walls, floors and other fixtures.



If you or someone you know would benefit from an AC tune-up, feel free to give us a CALL! or email us at info@citrusairinc.com


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